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What is Teamcheck?

Teamcheck is a day-planning tool in close contact with the team.

Hello, it’s Rodion, CEO at Teamcheck.
Teamcheck has just celebrated its first year of operation. It is no coincidence that the anniversary of the coronavirus and our birthday coincide: a crisis always opens up many opportunities.
At first, we did the Day Watch — it was a tool for strict control of the presence of an employee at the workplace.

Then we had our first pivot — it’s hard to do something that you wouldn’t use yourself. Therefore, for 9 months now we have been working on a tool for motivating and cultivating independence in a team.

What is Teamcheck?

"An online day scheduling tool that empowers the team with the energy of teamwork" or "A tool for self-planning a work day in close contact with the team."
These are the two pitches we generated with the team two months ago. But I tell my dad it’s even easier: Teamcheck is a to-do list for the team, Trello without forgotten cards, Asana for the lazy and Bitrix24 for generation Z.

Seriously now.

Teamcheck is a methodology and tool for freeing the team leader from the operating system. Our hypothesis: only through the development of independence in the team, does the leader get free time for strategic thinking, solving issues of scaling and breaking through limitations.
While our niche neighbors are forming more and more control tools, we are trying to meet current needs — truly effective specialists are born in creative freedom. They need help, but only with guidance and correction.

In Teamcheck, there is no jumble of functionality that distracts from the most important thing — from plans for the day. We carry out all design or long-term planning in the calendar or in Notion (where we have a knowledge base and release notes). Just planning the day and nothing more. Yes, there is a drawback to this approach: sometimes plans have to be kept in two places. This is temporary, and now we perceive it as a good exercise for forming conscious plans for the day.

Teamcheck is a team day planner that frees up from 30 minutes to 2 hours a day by reducing the time spent on team communications. Everything is transparent here, everyone can see who is doing what in both work-related and non work-related matters. This is a great relief from the toxic feeling that only you are working.

Why a day planner? Because efficiency begins with planning the day, and in existing solutions, planning your day is inconvenient.
Where does the time savings come from? You no longer need to jerk your team members to clarify some trifle on a task. Everything is already in Teamcheck!

In Teamcheck, you and your team can:
1) Transparently distribute tasks in the team;
2) Increase the involvement of employees in work;
3) Reduce the time for working meetings by 2−3 times;
4) All without a micro-management feel for the team.

Who are our clients?
Above I wrote that this is our hypothesis.
It’s true. All this is our hypothesis that this is how one can work, and work more efficiently than in the paradigm of total control. Of course, Lalu, Fey and other theorists agree with us (or we agree with them). But what about in practice?

We tested this hypothesis on ourselves. For more than three years, a simplified product has existed within our group of companies. More than 500 internal employees have already used it in its various incarnations.

Over the past year, more than 1000 people have worked with us, and about 350 have stayed with us.

These are mainly digital teams: design, branding and marketing agencies in various directions. There are also serious designers. And we also have two network marketing giants with us, and such that it is still scary to name names!

Do we have plans?
We recently released an update, now anyone can try our service right from the landing page. Imagine, before that, we collected contacts for six months and talked with each (!) new client before (!) How to let a client use a trial period? We are now collecting all the "pitfalls" of the new process and quickly learning to straighten the most crooked places in this "funnel".
When we figure out the bottlenecks, we will start working on WorldWide (the landing page is already ready, itching to launch an advertisement, but it’s too early!)

We also want to attract a round of investments for scaling and product development. So, if you are an investor or a fund representative, we will be happy to talk to you. :)

STA — go to our landing page!
Now, at the very end, there must be a strong call to action! But above, I have already sketched a lot of selling phrases, so I’ll just leave the link below: try our product with your team and see for yourself how effective it is with Teamcheck!