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Meeting the team and idea

Hello everyone. My name is Leonid, and I am the head of this company. For many years I have been managing various teams in a group of companies of which I am a co-founder. We create IT products in various fields. We have several restaurants and a Boss school. The projects are different and interesting. We employ 500 people in three countries and ten cities. 

You know, we do not know how to systematically involve experienced professional leaders from outside on our teams. We made dozens of attempts, but they were unsuccessful. Often such attempts resulted in dismissals with courts and scandals. We have a company with a strong culture: we manage to grow cool and enthusiastic employees who care and who are passionate about business. The disadvantage of this approach is speed. It takes 3-5 years to grow a great boss. 

To solve this problem, we created an internal school for bosses and began to train novice managers in it, while studying management technologies, decomposing the leader's work into its elements. Having thus grown to a hundred managers, we understood something and created our own management technology which significantly reduces the management burden and increases the conversion from a novice boss to a great leader who is followed by employees. 

The foundation of this technology has two ideas. 

We believe that in the 21st century, leaders are needed for only one task: moving your department or company from point A to point B. Everything else is the cost of good governance, which should not just be reduced. In the world after the coronavirus, everyone else simply does not have the opportunity to do as before because of remote work. 

We believe that employees should be motivated and driven to execute not by the leader, but by each other. We call it "mirror motivation".

Soon there will be a blog for leaders on how to manage a team without getting into personal space and without putting colleagues under micro-control. A blog for employees on how to work so that every action moves your team forward, while the leader clearly understands the boundary between personal life and work.