09 JUNE 2020
How to enter the flow state at work using TeamCheck.
Leonid Komissarov, co-founder Teamcheck
If you have not read the book about the state of the flow, then we highly recommend that you do this. This book will forever change your life. The author of the book conducted research and found that over-productivity and happiness from the cause are very connected. And he described how to enter a state in which you perform miracles, do not notice the time, and enjoy the process.

If you condense the book to its core, this would be it:

  • Get down to business, which is a little (but not too much) more complicated than you did before.

  • Arrange your work in such a way that at every moment in time you keep in mind what you are doing and why you are doing it (3-year vision) and what you need to do today before lunch.

  • Cover yourself with metrics so that every day it is obvious whether you have advanced or not.

Congratulations. You are in the flow.

When creating a Teamcheck, we took into account all the above points. That is why we are dying for the morning check-in ritual in which you consciously form a daily plan. In this case, it is easy for you to take on increasingly complex tasks. It's not cool to grow only twice a year. But it is cool to grow at 5% per week.

Be sure to create an artifact around you that describes why you are doing this. A Trello board, or an Excel sheet, or even a mind map, will suit you. In the morning, making a plan for the day, look at the upper-level artifact as a lighthouse, so as not to go astray.

In the evening, closing the day and putting down metrics, you give yourself clear feedback on whether you have advanced. Describing the emotions and insights of the day, you can dig deeper into yourself to make sure you enjoyed it today.

Be happy. Make Teamcheck!
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