16 JUNE 2020
How to plan your day using the calendar
Leonid Komissarov, co-founder Teamcheck
Hi, this is Teamcheck again. Today let's talk about the plan for the day. If you are a novice leader or a team leader, then most likely 20-30% of your calendar is filled with regular meetings, and the list of tasks is very complete (few meetings, loads of tasks). If you advance to be the CEO of a large company, you will be surprised to find that you have somehow switched to very few tasks and many meetings. That is what our president's schedule is like.

At the same time, when using Teamcheck, there may be some problems with mirror motivation. Everyone has many tasks, they do everything on time, and you have nothing to do. But this does not mean that you are not doing anything. Your job is just different.

I'll tell you about my own experience. I have an average of seven appointments per day. In the morning, I open the calendar first and look at the meeting plan. Next, I write these meetings and tasks with goals in Teamcheck.

So, the meeting plan on the calendar looks like left image. And there is how it will be in Teamcheck on the right.
Usually, we make many useless meetings throughout the day and even throughout life. As soon as you begin to write the purpose of each meeting, your life becomes beautiful. Because you start to quickly cancel part of the meetings, and the second part will become more productive. Do Teamcheck, do not go with the flow!

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